These are a few of the projects on my to-do- list. 

YA Fantasy
Status: Drafting
A fantasy adventure that is part superhero-origin-story, part crime family drama. It’s about a young girl who discovers her heirloom necklace holds a stone that grants the wearer good fortune, and a young boy living in a crime family who only wants to prove his worth. The two meet and begin a friendship that soon grows into more. In her free time, the girl practices with the stone, mastering it just in time for the boy to betray her and steal it for the benefit of his family.

YA Fantasy
Status: Brainstorming
Two sisters live in a country where, when the sun goes down, mythical beasts can enter the land and feed on humans. No one knows why, but it's rare enough that there are some who don't believe the beasts exist. These sisters have been raised and trained by their family in combat and magic to track and kill the beasts--hopefully before they strike--and wipe the memories of those who witness them. When one sister disappears, the other is faced with finding her while trying to protect an entire town on her own, all without being seen.

YA Fantasy, Unbroken: Book One
Status: shelved for now
Seventeen-year-old Prince Lex wants to find love on his own terms. Not keen on forced betrothal, he runs away from the palace to find the girl meant for him. A great plan, until he realizes how woefully unprepared he is. To make matters worse, the forest-dwelling outlaws who saved his skin don’t trust him. With good reason. His kingdom is not the peaceful place he thought it was. His people are starving, robbed by the greed of the high lords, and they look not to the palace for salvation, but to this band of outlaws led by a young woman named Robyn.

Despite their distrust, when Robyn’s men intercept word of a secret meeting at Keep Valio, they bring Lex along to investigate. There, they uncover a plot to assassinate the monarchs and put Lord Valio on the throne. The only way to stop him is to gain the support of the outer lordships, a plan that depends on Valio's daughter stalling long enough for them return.

What started as a search for love becomes a race against time, with the lives of Lex's parents and the fate of their land and people at stake. But in the struggle to save his kingdom, Lex faces another fight altogether — a battle for the heart of a daring vigilante who is more than what she seems. And when she finally shares her story Lex will want, for the first time in his life, to kill a man: Valio.

YA Fantasy, Unbroken: Book Two
Status: revising, soon-to-query
(Summary to come.)

YA Fantasy, Unbroken: Book Three
Status: outlining
Orphaned at age ten, Ahnri's sense of independence had always been his greatest strength. Seven years later, he becomes an ambassador to Queen Carina and begins a new life in politics. As he enters the neighboring kingdom of Callidia, he gains a companion he never expected: a cat.

YA Contemporary Fantasy
Status: drafted; backburner
Seventeen-year-old Tyce Campbell doesn’t know he’s a phoenix.

When war breaks out in Europe on homecoming night, Tyce can’t stop watching the news. The image of a bright light driving away invading forces looks too familiar to ignore. While half the world thinks it’s CGI, and the rest form cults to worship it, Tyce racks his mind for some connection he’s missed.

He soon learns the truth. He Sparks, taking phoenix form for the first time in this incarnation, and unlocking memories from his past lives. The bright light was familiar because it was a phoenix, one who could reveal their existence to the human race if they’re not careful. Tyce rejoins the Alliance, a team of elite phoenixes he's lead for centuries. Investigating the rogue phoenix, they discover her plan to unite the most powerful nations under herself as their leader.

Tyce and his friends must stop her before the whole world realizes she’s real. But things get complicated when they discover she’s not just any phoenix, but Elizabeth, a former ally who they thought was permanently dead. There’s only one way to kill a phoenix—a knife to the heart—and as the leader of the Alliance, Tyce has to choose whether to give Elizabeth another chance, or take her out before she outs them all and forces the human race into submission.

YA Fantasy 
(Summary to come.)

MG Adventure
Status: drafted; backburner
At twelve years old, all William Jackson wanted in life was baseball cards and a nice bike. Instead, the local pawn shop owner gifts him a pair of weird dice, and William's new friend, an Irish girl from the streets named Patch, teaches him a game. But while playing both kids suddenly land in the middle of the ocean, drop one of the dies, and get picked up by a pirate ship that looks way too real. They soon learn that by pressing a given side of the remaining die they transport to a different time and place. They just have to figure out which one is home.

The kids manage to escape the pirates but end up in an old west town, and from there they’re forced into a futuristic world of alien beings intent on studying the dice. By the time they finally get home, the aliens have duplicated the dice, ripping holes in space and time. Between Patch’s knowledge of scifi and William’s baseball bat, they’ve got to find the alien technology and destroy it, before their world is overrun by pirates, cowboys, aliens, knights in shining armor, cavemen, and dinosaurs.

MG SciFi
Status: brainstorming
Thirteen-year-old twins Jason and Lacy have never questioned life in Aimatra: a city of islands strung across the sky. That is, until a section of the unbreakable aimatra stone comes loose. Beneath the stone is a map and letter leading to treasure in the land below, along with a plea to use it for good. Well, that's an adventure too good to pass up.

YA Paranormal Rom/Com
Status: brainstorming
Thane has a job that might seem serious to some, but not to him. As an Apprentice Death Agent for Death Agents Multi-National (D.A.M.N.), he knows the rules, and never pushes the limits. That is, until he meets the girl of his dreams - whose soul he's commissioned to collect. Running from his boss, his trainer, and even the Guys Up Top, he's pushing his limits farther than ever before, and risking his life - all for a girl.

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