Meet Me

Hi! I'm Darci.

I'm a wife, mommy, writer, narrator, and wandmaker. I've been writing and pursuing publication since spring of 2011, and in that time I've watched and learned from so many friends both online and in person. I'm excited for where this path will take me.

On the writing front, I've been drafting a new YA fantasy for a while but decided to set it aside in favor of revising an older one to start querying and pitching this fall. The one I want to query is a female King Arthur story with a twist that I've been tinkering with for a few years now. Thing is, no matter how many times I re-read it, I still love it.

As a narrator, I recorded my first novel in 2017: COLDNESS OF MAREK, by Rachel O'Laughlin (available on Amazon and iTunes). Since Rachel is a close friend of mine, we set about doing it together, and I got hooked. Finally, in the summer of 2018 I was able to set up a small studio space in my home and have started taking other narrating jobs. It's something I've wanted to do for years, and I'm super excited I finally get to.

On the wandmaking front, I'll be honest, my husband usually makes the wands and I'm the one who does a lot of our social media, packaging, and shipping. But I have been known to create a few, and it's a fun skill to spend my time on.

Now to meet my family! These people are a huge part of my life, and I talk about them in blog posts and on social media often.

First is my amazing husband, Brandon. He's the best decision I ever made, and supports me in everything I do. He'll tell you all about how I made him propose twice, and how I get cranky when I'm tired, or that I'm often too hard on myself. But I'll turn around and attribute any success I ever have to the fact that he believes in me.

The 9-year-old is code-name Monkey. He loves to sing and duel and make up stories, and is just as stubborn as his mom. Next is 6-year-old Ribbit. He loves school, and has the bluest eyes you'll ever see. His stuffed frog goes practically everywhere he goes. Third is our little Princess Thumper, who is two as of January 2019. She is, without any exaggeration, the smiliest baby-slash-toddler I've ever seen in my life. Then there's our caboose, Baby Fuzz. His smiles are rare, but charming. He'll be one in March 2019, and he's already carved out his own silly little spot in our family.

I love my family more than anything. They come first in my life, but I'm so grateful I can be a stay-at-home mom and do the work I love at the same time.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you like what you see.

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