The good news: I'm fifteen weeks pregnant!

*cue confetti*

The bad news: I haven't written since about week four, and the drive/ability doesn't seem to be returning any time soon.

*cue sad "aww"*

Good news: I have no agent or publisher yet who is demanding me to write when I mentally cannot. (Except for a short story, and I think I'll be able to push through that.)

Bad news: I also have a hard time reading much these days, so refilling the well is not going well either.

Good news: the well refill is sort of happening with a Supernatural binge.

Bad news: .....actually there's no bad part to that. I'm loving Supernatural.


Here's the thing: I've been writing pretty consistently for five years, and in that time I've had a baby and raised two boys and moved houses and served in my church children's program and dealt with anxiety and depression and two miscarriages and querying and drafting and revising five and three-halves novels plus multiple short stories and on and on and on.

I think my brain is telling me to take a break.

I'm still a writer. I'm not quitting, because I know I love it and I know it helps me cope with normal life. Writing is a part of me now, and nothing will ever change that. But I'm starting to realize that for this period of time, I need to set my manuscripts aside to focus on me and my family.

I don't know for how long. Hopefully not much longer than the nine to twelve months it takes to grow, birth, and acclimate to a new baby. But if it takes longer, that's okay.

It's difficult to admit I'm setting it aside. It's difficult to see my friends and writers I admire working so hard and accomplishing so much and remembering when *I* did that and wishing, wishing, wishing I could do that right now.

But I need to set it aside.

It's frustrating, but I need to.

If you're the praying type, I could use the support. And if you're not, happy thoughts and good vibes are greatly appreciated.

I love my family, and I'm beyond grateful for this baby I carry. Also, I miss writing. And I don't think the two have to be mutually exclusive.


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  1. 1st, congratulations on the new baby. I'm so glad you have this in your life.

    2nd, I admire the choice you're making, and I think you're going about it in a smart way. I wrote my first novel when my oldest kids were little like yours. That was long ago, when the internet was barely a glimmer, and I didn't have the sources of writing knowledge and support available now. When the MS didn't turn out the way I hoped, I drifted away from writing and didn't pick it up again for more than a decade. When I did, I was excited, but I also felt like I'd wasted so much time. The way you're doing this, making a conscious decision to take a break and knowing you'll come back to it when the time is right, will keep you on track and keep you connected to your writing goals. Smart girl!

    Best of luck. You're in my prayers.


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