Busy busy busy!

Hey guys! How's your September going?

If you're wondering about my last post, no, I didn't get picked for Pitch Wars. I was quite heartbroken at first, not gonna lie, but my amazing CPs are helping me move on. I'll soon be querying two more novels, along with the one that's already out with agents right now.

The side bars on this blog haven't been updated in a while, in case you couldn't tell. I'll get on that.

Otherwise, life is pretty good! I'm very busy with Church responsibilities lately, and I am wanting to write more than ever. Between those, my kids, husband, family, and housework I kind of feel like my life is a roller coaster.

But also, in the last two months I was able to revise my YA Fantasy, and my MG Adventure, and got a few more requests from queries. Plus, I had the AMAZING opportunity to beta read a book for a superawesomefamous author I love that comes out in the spring. I'm beta reading for friends, and thinking about which book to work on next.

Also watching through Firefly for the third or fourth time because that's always a good thing.

Anyway, all this is just to say, you're awesome. Keep moving forward. It's not over until you say it is.



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