#PitchWars 2015!

Hey hey friends!

Today, I'm setting up a linky list, where hopeful mentees of #PitchWars 2015 can link their blogs. This is totally unofficial, and I do not have Brenda Drake's permission to do it, so if I get the order to shut 'er down, I will. Fair warning.

But since I'm interested in hearing from the other mentees and getting to know them, I'm excited to host a little get-together!

As a sort of guideline, I'm including my bio here, for your enjoyment. Mentees, the linky is below.

If you are not entering #PitchWars 2015, please do not link up. If you do your link will be deleted. This is only for those who are entering. Thank you!

We don't mean to exclude, so please comment on our blogs and say hi!

Here are some rules for your bio:

1. Tell us a teeny bit about the book your pitching, maybe a comp title or two, but NOT the pitch you have prepared!
2. Tell us about yourself, and what you love to write.
3. Maybe include a .gif, because they're awesome

Here's mine :

I'm a wife to my awesomesauce husband, and a stay-at-home-mom to two insanely crazy boys, ages five and three. I've been writing seriously for about four and a half years, and have made it my goal to learn as much as I can in that time. I've written four-and-a-half novels, three YA fantasy, one YA SciFi, and one MG adventure. I'm entering #PitchWars with a brand new shiny that I haven't sent anywhere else.

The manuscript I'll be submitting is a fantasy that feels (or so I'm told) like a YA version of a Brandon Sanderson novel. The main characters are a girl with a painful past, and a boy running for his life, who do not fall in love with each other. There's intrigue, and duels, and secrets, and magic, and quite a bit of blood.

So. Y'know.

I may not be able to say that I've been writing since I was two, or that I started my first novel when I was thirteen, but I have been writing steadily since I started, and reading widely. I was an editorial intern for Entangled Publishing, and I won fourth place in a first chapter contest at the LDStorymakers Writing Conference last May.

So that's me! I can't wait to get to meet all the rest of you!


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