My Copywork Story (Part 2)

Greetings fair readers! I might be channeling Thor a little in that welcome, but I don't mind at all. HOW ARE YOU? I hope 2015 has been good to you so far. It's been a while since I just wrote out some thoughts, and I had an interesting experience just this week, so I'd like to share it with you.

Almost a year ago, in April of 2014, I wrote Part One of this story. I'm sad, and slightly ashamed, to say that I didn't keep up with my copywork as much as I'd wanted to. I did it every other night or so through the month of April last year, and then didn't pick it up again until this very week. Yet, I am astounded at how much of an effect it has on my writing.

As of last night I finished that yellow legal pad I started back in April, and moved on to a spiral notebook. I'm currently about 30% through THE EMPEROR'S SOUL, plus I have a bit of poetry and non-fiction scattered throughout that legal pad as well. It wasn't until I'd gotten through a pretty intense scene that I decided I wanted to switch to my own work for a while.

For the last few weeks my main focus has been world building; I wanted to work out the details of the magic system in particular. As of yesterday I felt like I had a pretty solid handle on it, and decided to give drafting a shot. So I sat down at Starbucks today and (for the 483927th time) re-wrote chapter one of a book I'm working on.

I immediately sent it off to two CPs and within a couple of hours had GLOWING feedback. I love my CPs, but I'd never heard them praise me like this. There were still things that could be fixed, of course, but since I'm calling it a first draft I expected those. What mattered to me was that my writing had improved. And it had.

I'm sure my intense world building efforts had a lot to do with the change, but even at a sentence level I could tell the copywork had helped. I was noticing more closely how varied (or not) my sentence structure was, I could feel the character's voice flow more easily, and I felt more confident in my abilities, having just absorbed so much of a great story via handwritten copying.

I can't tell you how cool I think this is. Even after just a couple of days doing it, I feel addicted. I want to get back to it, absorb more, and give myself more fuel to my creativity.

Have I ever blogged about that? How I believe creativity begets more creativity? Art makes more art? I feel like I have... ah, here it is :)

So that's my update. I'm hoping to continue doing it longer than a month this time, but we shall see. Last year got pretty rough, so I'm not making any promises.

Have you tried this? How has it worked or not for you? I'd love to hear!


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