#GoingBlue: Part the First

Some people have asked about my new colored hair, and how we went about getting it from point A to point B. I'm excited to finally get to tell you guys about it!

On March 16th I had an adventure. One that has permanently changed the way I look and feel. 

I colored my hair teal. 

Here's a summary: I've wanted blue hair since I was 14, but I've never been able to afford it. My dream hair is something like this, only a bit darker:

Then, a few weeks ago my best friend, who is an awesome cosmetologist, and has always cut and colored my hair, offered a trade: I clean her house, and she'll color my hair.

Well. Now or never, amiright?

We talked it over. After a week or two of research and discussion we decided to go for it.
WARNING: there will be a lot of pictures in the post, not all of them pretty. 

We set the day for March 16th and went to the salon store. Unfortunately the best blue they offered had been recalled, and so all their other blues had been bought already. I was pretty anxious to just go for it, so we went with TEAL instead and asked them to call us when the blue was back in stock.

Here's what followed.

First, a BEFORE shot:

My hair looks weird there. Waves are doing funky things. NEXT!

Step one: the first bleaching!

Products used:

Goldwell Lightener
Goldwell 20 Volume Developer
Olaplex  (<<<--- LOVE this stuff)

Result of the bleaching:

Next session! Before:

My best friend is so patient with all my picture taking. I TOTALLY spaced on taking a shot of the second-bleached hair, but you can see half of it below in the "DURING" shot of getting the teal on.

ALSO I want to note that there are three parts to Olaplex. We used Part One during the bleachings, Part Two after the coloring, and I have Part Three at home to help my hair stay healthy. The amazing thing is, even with two bleachings and a coloring in a single day my hair doesn't feel any more damaged than it did before. Honestly, it even feels slightly better, because the red I had in that before picture was a store-bought box I had done myself, and damaged my hair quite a bit. The Olaplex even helped that, and I am amazed at how awesome my hair feels because of it.

So FUN right?

The color was Tresse Xtremers Teal. And it looked awesome.

Blurry picture, sorry. I warned you these wouldn't be pretty.

But here's what the final result looked like!

So cool, right? I love it. It's been two weeks and I can hardly believe I actually did it!

I want to end with a note to my close friends and family who think it's weird. I just want to say, I know it's weird. You're completely right. It's absolutely insane that I actually went through with this. If you'd told me when I was a teen that I'd do this at 30, I never would have believed you. But I just want to say that I have seen so many positive side affects to this. It's made me feel beautiful. It's made me feel happy every time I look in the mirror or see my photo online. It's given me a boost of faith and kind of set me on a mini-mission to prove that I can be close to God and my Savior despite the odd color of my hair. It's helped me see myself and others in an entirely new way, for the better. I am so happy I did it, and grateful to know that I have supportive friends and family who love me even when I'm weird. Which is all the time, it's just a lot more visible now.

It's been fun to hear from the people who like it, and tough dealing with comments from those who don't, but overall a very positive and exciting experience, and I can't wait to do it again. I heard from my friend this weekend that the blue we wanted is back in stock, and she went and got it already! So hopefully I'll have another fun color post soon.

Thanks for reading!


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