New Year, New Start: 2015


Since I started blogging in 2011, I've had the privilege to use this blog to set goals and review the previous year's progress. It's a blessing now that I can easily look up the 2012, 2013, and 2014 posts and see what I was like then and how I've changed or not.

If I'm being honest with myself -- which the new year tends to make me do -- I have changed a great deal in the last year. In some ways for the better, and in other ways for the not-so-better.

One thing I feel I've accomplished in 2014 is that I've read more scriptures, writing in my journal, and reading with my kids. For a while we had a good habit of waking up in the morning and choosing a picture from our Gospel Study book and I would tell them the story there. (Their favorites were Daniel in the Lion's Den and Lehi's dream.) Then we'd all write or draw a picture for a few minuets, and then read for a while. We've gotten out of that during the holidays, but it worked while we had it going, and I loved it.

However, there's a habit I have that seemed to just get worse this year. Social Media has become like a drug for me, and it's hurting my relationships. I've tried a few different things to lessen my time on it, but haven't found one that really worked. Then I read a post the other day from David Farland on being a prolific writer

It occurred to me that I'd heard the term used many times, but I never really knew what it meant. So I looked it up, and re-read his post two or three times. And here's the ugly truth: I've let Social Media suck up so much of my life, and I get so little done and forget to do things, and then I blame it on "being busy" and "life getting the better of me". When really, I got sucked into scrolling.

I read that post the night of December 23rd. As I looked around my house I realized I hadn't cleaned, cooked, or wrapped a single present for Christmas. I'd barely spoken to my kids about Santa Claus. I had been on social media the entire day.

Now, I'll grant that a chill-day wherein nothing productive gets done is okay every so often. But for me, those days have been happening far too often lately.

Therefore, on Christmas Eve I got up and was prolific. Every time I looked at my phone I stopped myself and looked around for something to do. I was amazed at two things: 1- how much I got done, and 2- how much my kids stopped asking for my attention once they knew I was legitimately busy.

I'll admit to sitting on my phone under the excuse that every time I try to get up, my kids ask for my attention. Apparently they've started to grow out of that.

All this is to say that my goal -- my ONE GOAL -- for 2015 is to be PROLIFIC.

To never let a moment pass wherein I'm bored. If I don't have anything to do, I should find something to do. Whether it's playing with my kids, watching a movie, doing chores, reading, or writing, there are so many things I "forgot" to do this year because I was too distracted to just focus.

Here's hoping I can up my game.

Best of luck for 2015!


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