Hey guys!

How's your December been? Good, I hope. Since I finished NaNoWriMo I've been mostly taking time off from writing. I did this a year or two ago and managed to read fifteen or seventeen books in a month (though I can't find the blog post where I talked about it...).

This year, however, has been full of scheduled events. Family on all sides, church, friends, it seems like we've had maybe two or three days since December first when we didn't have some obligation to fulfill.

However, it's been a fun few weeks. Stressful at times, and I won't lie and say it's been perfect, but overall it's been fun. For Monkey's fifth birthday we went to the local aquarium. The week before that we got to ride the Polar Express thanks to Grandma Cole. This coming weekend is Brandon's and my seventh anniversary, and we'll spend part of it playing Laser Tag and Pool and Bowling. I can't wait to kick Brandon's butt at everything.

All that is to say, I haven't been writing, but I have been having fun. Recharging, if you will. Reading some books, watching some movies, spending a little more time with family than I normally do. And the house is much cleaner as a result.... Since we've been so busy though, Brandon has asked that we become hermits in January and basically refuse all forms of socialization. I can't say I'm against this particular plan, as it'll give me more time to write.

So what's next? I now have three completed manuscripts. One needs tweaking, one needs a heavy revision, and the other needs... well, it needs to be pieced together and re-drafted. I'm hoping to get them done in the order I mentioned them, and with any luck I'll be back in the query trenches by February.

Also, big news, I'm going to attend the 2014 Storymakers Writing Conference in Provo, Utah on May 15-16!


I've wanted to go the last two years and I finally get to! Thanks to a fantastic group of friends on Facebook who got together and donated to help, I've managed to scrape together enough to attend. I am grateful beyond words for their help, and my awesome husband who is helping me every step of the way.

The truth is, I feel like I've reached a plateau in my writing. Or rather, in my education on writing. I've been working and learning online for over two years now and I feel like I've learned as much as I can on my own. I'm looking forward to this conference providing a boost to my work and encouragement to my hope. Plus, getting to hang out with other writers, possibly meet and speak to editors and agents, that just sounds like a dream come true.

It also sounds nervewracking.

*shake it off* *shake it off*

What does your 2015 look like? Will it be your year? Let's make it a great one.


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