Last week was crazy. At one point I realized I hadn't opened Scrivener for three days and it made me very sad. I came to the conclusion that life has been crazy busy lately. I've been trying to work through revisions for a few months, and I'm still not done. Not even very close.

Then I thought to myself, "Life is ALWAYS crazy busy." So really, it's best to not wait. Just do what you gotta do.


So, here I am at the end of that crazy week. The Potter Party is over (post on that to come) and the house is marginally cleaned up from the aftermath. I got to sleep through the night last night, and my husband watched the kids today so I could go to the coffee shop for four hours and write.

Having that chunk of time helps so much. It gets me back in the groove whether I'm drafting or revising or a mixture of the two (which is currently the case) having a few hours to immerse myself without interruption is critical to getting the work done.

After three months of tearing it apart, I'm finally starting to feel this story come together again. If I can get it right it will be awesome. Hopefully my amazing critique partners will be cruel and patient as I continue to work. They usually are.

I guess what I really wanted to say here is this: with every story I've written, I get to a point where it seems like a lost cause. Sometimes it happens more than once throughout the process, but *always* it comes when I'm about 60-70% through revisions. It's a moment when I think I just need to STOP because I'm only making it WORSE! Then I usually have a good venting session with a CP, and they tell me, "It'll be okay, just keep going."

So I do keep going. And it is okay.

I'm not sure I'll be able to finish these revisions by August 5th like I wanted to, but hopefully it'll be close. I'm ready for the story to be a story again, not just a bunch of words.

If you're having a hard time getting things done, life is just too insane to allow you to open your laptop or make a phone call or read the book on your nightstand, just take a deep breath. Set your priorities, and start checking them off one at a time.

Worked for me, anyway.


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