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Can you write a story from this?

Hi guys!

In the midst of all my reading/editing/revising/life, I just downloaded a new album from an artist I really love. I've been listening to it almost constantly the past two days, (trying to memorize all the words so I can sing along as loud as I want, because that's how I roll), and it's got me thinking...

I don't know about you, but the music I choose to listen to at a given time will inevitably drive me to work on a certain project. If it's Hunter Hayes, I'm working on UNBROKEN. If it's Daft Punk, a middle-grade superhero novel. Taylor Swift: historical fantasy. Evanessence: a weird romantic-comedy-contemporary-fantasy thing (I swear it's a good idea. Promise.).

What blows my mind, is how much the creativity of these people affects my creativity. I firmly believe that anyone who does creative work gets their inspiration from everything around them. That includes the work of other creative people. Have you ever read a book and thought, "Man, I'd love to write something like that," or "Oh, I want to draw that scene!" or "Those words are beautiful, and need to be in a song." OR have you seen a painting or photo, heard a song, or read a poem and thought, "That could be a beautiful book..."

I know I have.

Now, I may not be a painter or have the ability to draw, and while I tried my hand at songwriting fourteen years ago, it didn't pan out. But I still love art, and music, and photography, and those things fuel the fire of my writing. A single line of lyrics can inspire an entire scene. The tone of a song can give depth to a conflict. A photo or music video can bring life to a flat character. All of these things have happened to me multiple times, and they continue to happen. I can't get over it. Every time I listen to an artist I love I find something I can use in my own work.

I'm not talking about plagiarism here, guys. Don't steal lyrics, music, or art. Let it inspire you.

All this is to say one thing: I hope that one day, someone will read my words -- which have been fueled by the creative works of so many others -- and draw deeply from that well. That my art can inspire others to create, and the cycle will continue onward forever.

The great circle of art, perhaps?

What inspires you to create?


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