What is #HPtest?

Greetings friends!

#HPtest stands for "Harry Potter Test."

Here's how it works: for one hour anyone participating can ask me Harry Potter trivia questions. The questions have to follow certain rules (listed below), but I promise they're not all that restrictive, I just have to draw the line somewhere.

I will answer all legal questions as quickly as I can, without looking anything up.

If someone manages to stump me, then the game is over, and they get to choose a new Twitter avatar for me to use for the following twenty-four hours. (Harry Potter themed.) If I last the whole hour answering every question right, then I simply get to keep my avatar the same.


Here are the guidelines for questions:

1. The answer must be able to be looked up in one of the seven Harry Potter novels. If it's only found in the movies, Pottermore, or HarryPotterWiki it's not accepted. By "Harry Potter novels," I specifically mean the American versions, as these are the ones I am most familiar with. If your question can only be answered by looking in the UK version or any language other than English, I won't answer it. (Or if I get it wrong, it doesn't count against me.)

2. If I admit I don't know, YOU must be able to tell me the correct answer or the win does not count!

3. Questions must be about the CONTENT of the novels. No asking how many times a name appears, or how many vowels in a certain chapter. (Looking at you, Aaron W.)

4. You can try to ask trick questions, but be advised I may not answer them because if, for example, you ask, "What color is Prof. McGonnagall's dressing gown?" The books never give a color, they just say "tartan." So there is technically no answer to your question. If that's the case, you won't get a response.

5. You've gotta include the #HPtest hashtag, or I can't promise I'll see it.


There you have it! Follow me on Twitter (@darci_cole) and I'll let you know when the next #HPtest session will be.

(P.S. ..... In the future, we may extend the game to where someone else can answer all the questions, but let's see how this goes first, shall we?)

Thanks for playing!


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