Random Update

Hi there lovely people!

Wow, I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since my last post... I am so sorry. For the record, I wasn't able to write much in that time at all anyway, so it's not just you missing out. My WIP was sad too.

On a happier note, if I could draw your attention to the little progress bar over there on the right, I crossed the 70K threshold in SUMMON last night!


With Draft Zero.

For those of you unfamiliar with how I write novels, I draft pretty fast, leaving myself notes as I go. So when this draft is done, I'll have to go through and find every place I put a {} and I'll write it out in a notebook.

Yes. Paper and pen and highlighters. Notebook.

Then I'll organize those notes according to importance and the order in which I want to make the changes. I usually have to do additional world-building during this time too, because I was too excited to get writing and neglected certain bits. But I found out WHICH bits as I wrote, so now I can create them.

I love writing Fantasy.

So hopefully this draft will be ready for revisions by the end of this week. Crossing my fingers for that. Queries on TARGET are going well, still waiting to hear back from a number of submissions. I also have homework, and a YAvengers post, and a CP manuscript to read through, though. So, you know... busy, busy, busy.

Next week is the release for KNIGHTS OF RILCH by Rachel O'Laughlin, so there will be a post or two or three about that fantabulous book, which you should all get as soon as it becomes available.

And that's all for me! Life is pretty boring when I leave out the stressful parts, but doing that at least makes it seem manageable. Hope all of you had a Happy Valentines Day!

Now, back to writing :)


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