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Today, I am beyond thrilled to help reveal some amazing bits of insight into KNIGHTS OF RILCH, the sequel to COLDNESS OF MAREK. The ever lovely Rachel O'Laughlin has been generous enough to let us see the playlist of songs that helped inspire her while she wrote KNIGHTS. And not only that, she's included a short explanation of why each song is so important.

So take a listen, take a look, and come back tomorrow for links to buy your own copy of KNIGHTS OF RILCH!

Oh, and COLDNESS OF MAREK is only $0.99 this whole week! So if you haven't already read it, you have NO EXCUSES.

And now, I'll let Rachel take the floor to tell you all about the songs she chose, while not giving anything away.

Breath of Life -- Florence + The Machine
Everything goes bad very, very fast for Kierstaz when her city is burned by a rioting mob, her parents killed, and her entire kingdom stripped from her. She thinks her brother is dead, too. Bad day.

The Weight of Us -- Sanders Bohlke
Kierstaz and Mikel meet up, and have to decide what they're going to do now that the whole world wants them dead. Mikel isn't really ready for any of it.

Up Is Down -- Hans Zimmer
What Shall We Die For -- Hans Zimmer
Something else bad happens. The Orion siblings are pissed. Battle scenes.

Enough For Now -- The Fray
Kierstaz hides away all her feelings regarding her parents, her country, and the knights she now leads. Sometimes it can all be a little much.

The Blues -- Switchfoot
This song has been on the playlist since before the first draft existed. It doesn't necessarily fit in the timeline, it just defines the overall mood of the first half of the novel.

When the Stars Go Blue -- Tim McGraw
There is more than one character who cares this much about Kierstaz, but I'm pretty sure these would be Ric's words.

Ballad of a Politician -- Regina Spektor
The new leaders of Serengard both creep Kierstaz out and make her look archaic, but they're just puppets after all. Trzl included.

Bleeding Out -- Imagine Dragons
Mikel is a mess, both physically and mentally. He's not okay with the things he's doing, but he's doing them because he feels like he owes others.

Always -- Switchfoot
Loyalty is everything in the Border Wars, and while this song encompasses feels from Ric, Tofer, Pier and Colstadt, it's also a perfect representation of Kierstaz and Mikel's unconditional sister/brother love.

All Fall Down -- OneRupublic
Umm...this one dying scene that I can't tell you about.

Kiss Goodbye -- Little Big Town
At the midpoint of the novel there's a tangent of anger, regret, guilt, and despair all at once. It's the most silent moment of Kierstaz's life, and it's Mikel's fault.

Yes -- Coldplay
Trzl and Mikel are back together...well, kind of.

Wrecking Ball -- Miley Cyrus
I haven't heard a song that more aptly defines Trzl's relationship to Mikel. Anywhere.

Holding On and Letting Go -- Ross Copperman
This is the breaking point in Kierstaz's life where she lays it all on the line.

Demons -- Imagine Dragons
As they're tossed back in together in dire straits, all of the knights are feeling guilty, desperate, and irredeemable. For some of them, it's true.

Don't Let Me Be Lonely -- The Band Perry
Can't tell you about this because SPOILERS.

Never Say Never -- The Fray
Sometimes the people you thought were your enemies turn out to be the ones who understand you best, Kierstaz.

Up In Flames -- She Wants Revenge
Trzl's final scene. It's all going up in flames, baby.

Hello Hurricane -- Switchfoot
This is where Kierstaz and Mikel are both at when the curtains close. Nothing left to lose. They're sacrificing everything.


If that doesn't convince you to purchase KNIGHTS OF RILCH, I don't know what can. It's a powerful, terrifying, awesome experience, and it left me wanting the third book more than ever.

Hope you like it too :)


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