On the Twelfth Day...

Making Christmas last!!!

Welcome to the #12DaysofTwitter blog series! Have you seen some of your writer friends sporting funny Christmas-y names? Well, what began as a simple name change from one twitter writer snowballed, and is now a chance for twenty-four awesome writers to share memories and stories of what Christmas means to us. Click this link for the complete link list of all twelve days.

Today I have the lovely Megan Paasch (whose name change initially started all this hullabaloo) and myself. Hopefully we'll be able to bring this thing home.

Twelve Megs a-Megging


I love Christmas trees. I love them SO much. They’re so pretty with their twinkly lights and funky ornaments, and that pine scent? Wonderful. Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a tree. That being said, I’ve had some rotten luck with trees over the years. I think my favorite was the Christmas that our tree fell over three times. That’s right. Three. Three times.

The first time, my cat, Pudah, did it. (Quiet you! I named him when I was 6.) It was a small tree that year, and we had it up on a table. My dad thought if he hid Pudah’s catnip at the very top of the tree, it would be safe until Christmas morning. Yeah…NO. The speed at which Pudah scaled those branches was astounding. The crash when it toppled over onto my old-fashioned Santa snow globe music box was devastating. But we picked it back up, swept up the broken glass and got right back into the Christmas spirit.

A few nights later, the wind knocked it over. You see, the fireplace flue didn’t work too well, so we’d leave the window open a crack when we had a fire going. There was a windstorm that night, and WOOSH! The tree went tumbling down again. So we swept up the broken glass, moved the tree somewhere else, and got right back into the Christmas spirit.

Frankly I don’t even remember what knocked it over the third time, but it happened. And Christmas morning happened too, and the next day we got rid of that darn tree before it fell over again and knocked out a small child or something – not that there were any small children hanging out at our house regularly at that time (I was a teenager) but it was best not to risk it. Besides, we were tired of sweeping up broken glass.

I still love Christmas trees though. And you know what? It was hilarious. We laugh about it every year. Especially the part about the catnip. What were you thinking, Dad?


Twelve Darcies Dreaming

Of all the Christmas memories I have, the one that kept coming to mind as I worked on this series happened when I was nine.

I had just gotten my ears pierced the day before (as a birthday present, my birthday is in November), and it had been a rough time. I remember going to the mall, picking out the studs, and crying after the gal punched holes in my lobes. No matter how much I'd wanted it, it HURT. My mom took me to Dairy Queen afterward, and I thought I'd never forget how terrible it was, wondering if the pain was even worth it.

I woke up the next morning and it was Christmas. I think that was the year I got my favorite stuffed tiger, which I have to this day, and maybe my shelves that Grandpa made for me, plus other things, I'm sure.

But I distinctly remember opening up a pack of earrings and thinking, "I can't wear these yet," and the devastation was so deep. Then the day before came back to me, and I literally jumped and clapped like the little girl I was. My ears WERE pierced, and I COULD wear these cute earrings I got for Christmas!

That one moment made the pain of the day before totally worth it. Add to that the fact that Christmas morning had made me completely forget I'd even been sad at all, and this is definitely one of my favorite Christmas memories.


Reading through all these memories and stories has been a real treat. I'm so grateful to all who have participated, and to you readers for reading. May the joy of the holiday season live in your hearts throughout the year.

I think next year I'm going to make Christmas actually last twelve days. It should be a big celebration, not just one morning.

Merry Christmas, everyone. And Happy New Year.



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