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Making Christmas last!!!

Welcome to the #12DaysofTwitter blog series! Have you seen some of your writer friends sporting funny Christmas-y names? Well, what began as a simple name change from one twitter writer snowballed, and is now a chance for twenty-four awesome writers to share memories and stories of what Christmas means to us. Click this link for the complete link list of all twelve days.

Today, Ellen Mandeville has a rather amusing memory for us. Unfortunately, our other day-eight participant had a crazy holiday and wasn't able to get anything to me in time. But she's an awesome writer, and you should follow her on twitter anyway (@mixeduppainter).

Eight Ellens Excelling

Growing up in Southern California, my siblings and I had near constant summer with a few days of rain. The one day of the year that we could count on enjoying crackling and warmth from the fireplace was on Christmas Eve. On that day each year, we would rush through dinner, implore our dad to light the fire and then wait for the Santa Claus to ring his bell. The jingling heard beyond the curtain through the sliding glass door signaled Santa’s arrival. In he would come with lots of presents for five eager children.
Finally we had outgrown expecting Santa’s arrival, but the tradition of the yearly fire lived on. One year Southern California was experiencing a record breaking heat wave. Christmas Eve was a blistering 96 degrees Fahrenheit. So we did what any good SoCal family would do. We closed up all the doors and windows, turned on the air conditioner, and lit a fire.


HAHAHAHAHAHA This totally sounds like something I would do.
Merry Christmas from the warmer states!


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