New Year, New Start

Hello lovelies!

Now that #12DaysofTwitter is over, it's back to our regularly scheduled blogging around here. So today, I'm gonna follow the crowd and talk about my resolutions. In preparation, I went back to last years post (Reviews and Resolutions) and read what my goals were for 2013. 

It was a little disappointing, not gonna lie. I can honestly say I'm not much further progressed toward the important things than I was a year ago. It really broke my heart. I had such high hopes for last year, and while I did grow in certain ways (for which I'm grateful) I did not grow in the ways I expected. To that end, a lot of my goals are the same as they were last year. 

BUT a friend of mine, Megan Whitmer, vlogged about choosing a single word to focus on for the year, instead of listing out a bunch of goals. Megan's was BALANCE, which I can totally identify with, since my accomplishments from 2013 were very UN-balanced. But I wanted something with a little more punch to it.

Because 2014 will be my year.

The word I chose is FORWARD. I'd been thinking about it a lot, and I found it when I glanced at my phone. One of my wallpapers is a quote from Walt Disney, "KEEP MOVING FORWARD." And I thought, "That's it." I want this year to be one of progress and movement for me. I want to better my life in every way I can, moving forward in my work as a wife, a mother, a writer, and a follower of Christ. I want to form new habits -- good habits -- that I can keep in my life for years to come. 

I know I'll have bad days, everyone does. And they seem to hit at the worst possible moments. But I'll get through those days, I'll pick myself up, and I'll keep moving FORWARD to be the person I want to be. 

I'm posting Megan's vlog below, and I'd love for you to watch it. Then tell me in the comments what your ONE WORD is for 2014. And have a happy new year!


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