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Hi guys!

This week, I wanna try something that I hope is fun for the writers in my life :)

I'm going to post the first 250 words of a random story idea, and you have to follow it up with 250 words of your own.

You'll obviously have to make it somewhat coherent, follow the implied genre, etc. But other than that you get free reign.

The beginning excerpt is posted below, so write up your follow-up and post it in the comments. Maybe I'll choose a winner and give away a prize? How 'bout a first chapter/2000 word critique? Anyone interested?

Entries are due Wednesday at 11:59pm!

Good luck!

Business was slow, but the music was good. Having a live band in the diner, even if it was only three instruments, made it a great job.  I watched the lead guitarist play a riff, then toss her hair back to smirk at me as I wiped the counter. I couldn’t help grinning back, or the funny blip that went through my chest.



Manager Mike came up behind me and hissed. “Quit staring at Astra and get back to work. You’ve got a customer at the counter.”

“Right, sorry.”

He went back to the kitchens and I made my way to the other end of the counter. A girl sat there, staring at the salt and pepper shakers. She slumped over, her long dark hair falling in front of her face so I couldn’t see her eyes until I was right in front of her. Her expression was completely blank.


“Uh, can I help you?”

“Coffee and a sandwich, please,” she said.

“Sure. What kind of sandwich?”

“Turkey, if you have it.”

“No problem.”

I turned to put the order into the computer, glancing back at her once. She wasn’t moving. Like, at all. Most people will lean on their elbows, or turn to watch the band, or look out the windows, but she was sitting completely still.

Too still.

I shook my head. The coffee was cold. I’d have to start a new pot.

“Hey miss?” I looked back at the girl.

Before I took a step, something dark lashed toward me, and stabbed me in the chest. 

WHOO! I can't wait to see what you come up with!


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