The Twelve Days of Twitter

Happy Holidays friends!

I just spent the last half hour (maybe hour... or three... I'll never tell) working out the Twelve Days of Twitter with some awesome twitter peeps. Here's the full list, and soon to come some Christmas memories and stories from each of us!

Since the 12 Days of Christmas is actually the 12 days AFTER Christmas, we'll start posting the excerpts on Dec. 25th and the last ones will be on Jan. 5th. Should be fun!

(Those listed can email me their memory at darcicole at gmail. Thanks guys!)

Follow the #12DaysofTwitter tag to see more.

12 Megs a-Megging (@meganpaasch) and 12 Darcies Dreaming (me, @darci_cole)

11 Reds a-Writing (@seeredwrite) and 11 Jasons Juggling (@CantrellJason)

10 Angs Dancing (@AngiNicole722) and 10 Mandas Musing (@AmandaShayne)

9 Torgs a-Twinkling (@careytorg) and 9 Alana's Sleighing (@AlanaofOz)

8 Ellens Excelling (@EllenMandeville) and 8 Painters Painting (@mixeduppainter)

7 Corries Caroling (@CorrieShatto) and 7 Rachels Ringing (@rachelolaughlin)

6 Megs a-Milking (@lilnightmusic) and 6 Drews a-Drumming (@M_A_Patterson)


4 Merry Megs (@morsini) and ..... 4 Hugging Robs (@Kristoffrable)

3 Polish Allens (@AllenOzWriter) and 3 Hells Bells (@helenbozz)

2 Dancing Megs (@meganwhitmer) and ..... 2 Reggie Birds (@_RScottWhitley)

And a Pope in a Pear Tree (@the_j_hewitt) and ..... a Fizzy in a Pear Tree (@Fizzygrrl)

There you have 'em, folks, go follow each one.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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