On the Fourth Day...

We're making Christmas last!!!

Welcome to the #12DaysofTwitter blog series! Have you seen some of your writer friends sporting funny Christmas-y names? Well, what began as a simple name change from one twitter writer snowballed, and is now a chance for twenty-four awesome writers to share memories and stories of what Christmas means to us. Click this link for the complete link list of all twelve days.

Today's writers are Megan Orsini and Rob Kristoffersen. Both shared short sweet memories of Christmases when they were young.

Four Merry Megs

When I was a kid we were given the gift from our parents on Christmas Eve so it didn’t get mixed in with Santa’s gifts. The first Christmas I remember, I peeled off the paper to find something white and furry and I thought it was a huge teddy bear, but it turned out to be a tiny fur coat with a matching muff (which didn’t feel like a dirty word at the time), and I was the happiest 4-year-old for MILES. I wore that coat until the sleeves came up to my elbows.


Four Hugging Robs

I remember going to my grandmother and grandfather's house every Christmas. It was one of the few times the whole family would be together; we'd reminisce and share happiness and love... and sometimes a few punches. We don't get together anymore, but I still think of those Christmases, the love we all shared, and the family that have passed on since then.


We haven't talked at all in the comments about all these memories... do you readers have any childhood Christmas memories that come to mind when you hear these? What was your favorite gift growing up? Or the best gift you ever gave?

Let's chat.


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