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Here are all #12DaysofTwitter posts for your reading pleasure! Please feel free to share and spread the word about your favorite memories and stories!

Merry Christmas!

Dec. 25th, Josh Hewitt and Summer Heacock

Dec. 26th, Megan Whitmer and R. Scott Whitley

Dec. 27th, Allen Oz and Helen Boswell

Dec. 28th, Megan Orsini and Rob Kristoffersen

Dec. 29th, Beau Barnett and Sarah Blair

Dec. 30th, Megan Eccles and M. Andrew Patterson

Dec. 31st, Corrie Shatto and Rachel O'Laughlin

Jan 1st, Ellen Mandeville and MixedUpPainter

Jan. 2nd, Carey Torgesen and Alana Chapman

Jan. 3rd, Angi Black and Amanda Aszman

Jan. 4th, Trisha S and Jason Cantrell

Jan. 5th, Megan Paasch and Darci Cole

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