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Hey y'all!

So, APPARENTLY, you guys like it more when I just chat rather than reviewing books and blurbs.

I love you guys.

I'll make sure to do more of this in the future, starting now. Today I want to talk to you about a specific aspect of the publishing industry. You may or may not have heard these particular thoughts before, but here we go...

Publishing is a SMALL WORLD. 

You may not think so. I know that for me, in the beginning, it seemed like this huge, amorphous, untouchable thing. But really, it's much smaller than it looks, and very tightly knit. What do I mean by this? People talk to each other. Writers, Agents, Editors, Publishers. EVERYBODY talks to each other. IT'S TRUE.

You think Agent A won't remember that she passed on your MS five months ago? Guess again. And when you try to re-query without saying anything about heavy revisions, or mentioning you've queried before, you're probably going on a list. And not a good one. And Agent A might be out to lunch and see Agent B who mentions your manuscript and Agent A will be like, "Oh, she tried to pull one over on me," and that'll put a bad taste in Agent B's reading, and could possibly hurt your chances there too. Lesson? THEY REMEMBER.

Also, when you go out of your way to help and support other writers, compliment agents on their new twitter avi or apply a piece of advice then go back and tell them how much it helped? They'll remember. And when they get your query that says how awesome you think they are and that you love their thoughts on twitter/blog/facebook or whatever, they'll remember you. And they'll hear other agents/editors talking about how awesome you are or mentioning your particular MS and guess what? THEY WILL REMEMBER YOU!

It can help, or hinder, depending on how you behave.

Honestly? I had no idea this was the case. I was told many times, just as I'm telling you now, but it never really sunk in. Then, I was lucky enough to have pleasant experiences that were evidence enough for me. Be nice, don't make a fool of yourself, don't try to make yourself an exception to the rules, and be as respectful and professional as possible in all areas of your life.

I mean, what if you end up being the next J.K. Rowling? You wouldn't want some magazine digging up dirt about how you ragged on some author/agent/whoever in a public forum, right? And even in private, be careful how you say things and to whom. You're a professional, and this is a business. You can treat it that way and still be yourself.

So get to it. Be you, be cool, be awesome.

High fives for everyone.


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