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I haven't read much Middle Grade fiction recently (aside from Harry Potter, of course). But I've been told multiple times that my YA writing always sounds too young. Why is this? I don't know.

Anyway, Brandon had a brilliant idea the other day that I thought would be awesome for a middle grade book, so I've taken and run with it in the last week or so. Don't worry, SUMMON is still being drafted, but I wanted to give this a shot and see how it turned out... So without further ado, I'd like to present to you the first page of a MG SciFi. Working title is SkyLand (but that'll change).

Let me know what you think :)


Hundreds, no, thousands of advancements in technology, and Jason still had to wear glasses. It was his mom’s fault. She always said they added character. He pushed them back up on his nose. He didn’t always mind them, sometimes he thought they made him look older. But it’s hard to feel older than thirteen no matter what you do.

He sat on the rock bench outside Lacy’s history class playing Dispatch Demon on his ConBox. The air was humid, as usual, but now that autumn was around the corner, the weather had a chill to it. He took a deep breath as his avatar chopped three heads off a hydra at once.

The monster died. His avatar’s health restored, he looked up. The edge of the island was only twenty meters away. Checking to make sure no one was around, he stood. As he walked, he saved the game, seeing the red-gray ground pass below him in his peripheral vision. He tucked the thin metal square into his back pocket, turned on his heel to double check that he wasn’t being watched, then jogged to the railing.

The next island over in Aimatra’s chain was about three kilometers away. He could see the houses and parks of the neighborhood in the distance, but that wasn’t what he wanted to check. He reached the island railing, held tight to the cold stone-metal, and looked down.

The clouds shimmered below him, and farther down, land.


Thoughts? Thanks guys!


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