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I'm about to do a contest this week (I think) so I'm tweaking my opening page. All I get is 250 words, so I have to make 'em count. If you love it, please say so, and if not, tell me why? Any thoughts you have as readers and writers would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks friends!!!


His Royal Highness, Prince Alexander Denton of Regania, frowned, unable to focus.

The morning had not gone well, and he anticipated hearing about it later. But for now, he was alone. Thank the Gods. The pages of Laws of Regania were old, but in good condition. He wondered if he was the first person since its penning to open it.

At a particular passage, he stopped, and a slow smile grew on his face.

He was interrupted as a group of ladies swept through the bookshelves toward him. Looking up, he knew they’d been in the throne room that morning. He squared his shoulders, and stood out of propriety.

“Hello, Highness.” Lady Nerina said. She took a deep breath and let it out, sighing. He noted the intentional rise and fall of her chest, but kept his eyes on her face.

“Lady Nerina, good afternoon.” He kissed her hand. 

She giggled: an ungodly sound that made him grit his teeth. “You turned down another proposal this morning?” Her friends hid more giggles behind their hands.

“Not outright, but I’m thinking about it.” 

She smiled, batting her eyelashes. “That Vanden girl isn’t your type. You need someone more… confident.” She stepped toward him.

He took a deep breath. “Perhaps you’re right. Tell me, what would you do if the Fugeran’s marched on our borders?”

“I suppose, go to battle, and stop them?”

“Is that the confident thing to do?” His eyes narrowed. “Or the easy thing?”

Her eyes widened. “Excuse me?”


WELL??? Please tell me what you think? 
You guys are the best!!!


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