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Hello AGAIN friends!

I've blogged three times already this week. This is four. Twice just today. WHO AM I?

I've been doing a lot of book promoting lately for you guys, but I've also been doing a lot geared toward writers only. So, this one's for the readers.

As most of you know, I've been working hard these past couple of weeks getting ready to query TARGET as well as building up my outline for SUMMON and getting ready to draft that. (Not to mention book three, CLEVER, which I've already started working out details for...) Right now, I'd like to share the first scene of TARGET, since I'm finally happy with it.

And for my CPs who read earlier drafts, maybe you can chime in and tell me what you think of this new opening scene. I'd love that ;)

One day, when I have physical books to give away, I will totally do a ton of giveaways for you guys. And by "you guys" I mean you first 100-125 bloggy followers. Because you are my people.


Book One of the Unbroken Tales


His Royal Highness, Prince Alexander Denton of Regania, was irritated.

The morning had not gone well, and he anticipated he’d hear about it later. In the palace library, he scanned through the pages of Laws of Regania until he found what he was looking for.

“Nick, look.” He held the book open. Across from him Sir Nicholas Black lifted his head, his eyes squinting to read. 

“Fascinating, Lex,” Nick mumbled, before returning his head to the pages of Reganian Wars Won and Lost.

Lex scowled at his friend. 

The third in their trifecta, Oliver Blair, rounded the corner. “What’s fascinating?”

Lex began to answer, but was interrupted as two young ladies swept into their study area. Lex recognized them both as having been in the throne room that morning, and his stomach dropped. He stood out of propriety, and slapped Nick to get his attention. Nick flew up, running a hand through his hair at the sight of the girls.

“Hello, your Highness,” Lady Nerina said. She took a deep breath and let it out sighing. Lex noted the rise and fall of her chest in his peripheral, but kept his eyes on her face.

“Lady Nerina, good afternoon,” he said, kissing her hand. 

She giggled: an ungodly sound that made Lex grit his teeth. “I heard you turned down another proposal this morning.” Her lips parted, and she ran her teeth along the bottom one.

Lex shrugged. “Not outright, but I’m thinking about it.” 

She smiled, batting her eyelashes. “Well, I always knew that Carina girl wasn’t your type. You need someone more… confident.” She stepped toward him.

He took a deep breath. “Perhaps you're right. Tell me,” he said, turning to his table to rifle through some papers, “what would you do in a situation such as the late King Onin did, when the Fugeran’s marched on our borders?”

Her brows twitched. “I suppose, go to battle, and stop them?”

He looked back to her. “Is that the confident thing to do?” His eyes narrowed. “Or the easy thing?”

Her eyes widened. “Excuse me?”

He moved toward her so their faces were inches apart. “King Onin, my grandfather, was confident enough that he walked alone into the Fugeran camp to speak to their king, with whom he had long been friends. The misunderstanding was resolved, and the Fugerans retreated that very day. That, my lady, is confidence.”

Lady Nerina’s mouth hung open. She squared her shoulders, raised her chin, then stormed out of the library with far less grace than she had come.

Lex rolled his eyes, and turned to sit again, going back to his book.

“You’re an idiot,” Nick said.

Lex looked up to see Nick staring at him. “What?”

Oliver joined Nick, both leaning forward across the table practically glaring at Lex. “Lady Nerina is by far the most beautiful woman in court,” Oliver said.

Lex’s jaw dropped. “She’s barely sixteen!”

“Old enough to be married,” Nick said, crossing his arms.

Lex shook his head, returning to his book. “Maybe, but not old enough to be queen. At least not for me.”

The two of them groaned in frustration and sat down across from him. 

Lex leaned toward them. “If you think I’m going to let some pale young thing with heaving breasts and no brain onto the throne beside me, you are sorely mistaken.”

They said nothing. 

A few moments of silence passed before Oliver said, “So what was so interesting before those air heads walked in?”

Lex’s mouth quirked up, and he turned the book toward Oliver, who read aloud.

“The heir to the throne traditionally marries a member of the nobility. However, it is not a requirement that the spouse be of noble birth. Occasionally an heir will be betrothed to a high ranking man or woman from another kingdom, but as the Unbroken Lands are all largely self-sufficient, this is rare.”

Lex nodded.

Nick’s brow furrowed. “So does that mean…”

Oliver was ahead of him. “It means you don’t have to marry someone in court, right?”

Lex opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by a loud voice.


He cringed.

His father, King Stephen Denton, approached through the shelves. At the sight of his son, he said, “Come with me. It’s time for our walk.”

Lex swallowed and exchanged a nod, perhaps of farewell, with his friends. He stood and followed his father.


Hope you enjoyed! Does it make you want to read more? Do you like Lex? Tell me what you think!


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