Review and Giveaway: THE SCHOLAR

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Today I'm here to talk about book two of The Fall Series, THE SCHOLAR, by May Nicole Abbey.

First off, let me say this: for my internship and my CP's, I've read a LOT of romance. Both adult and YA, of almost every genre you could think of. Most of the time, romance in books comes off as cheesy, and if they're lucky I'll have an, "awwwwwww," moment. More often than not, it's full of kissing, petting, groping, and sex. But these sisters who write together have made my heart break and heal and burst with their stories. There is nothing inappropriate. It's a little scary at times, so it's a good thing it's adult literature, but there is no promiscuity.

In book one, THE DREAMER, Rachel's relationship with Captain Tucker had me on edge the whole time. Now, in THE SCHOLAR, Selena deals with two very brilliant men vying for her attentions. She can be a little slow on the uptake at times, but so was Rachel. The two women have a lot of similarities as far as their dedication to their work, studies, and research. They both have a firm resolve to prove themselves to their colleagues.

I hope all of you will go out and read this book. And if you haven't already, go read THE DREAMER as well. Both stories are incredibly moving and powerful. So go, read, and enjoy!

To win a copy of THE SCHOLAR, leave me a comment with your favorite fact about Ancient Egypt, and I'll draw a winner and announce it on Friday!


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