Hello my lovelies.

Today I want to tell you what I'm currently working on.

Most of you know about TARGET, which is a re-modeled version of Robin Hood where Robyn is a girl.


A while back, husband and I were talking (he's the BEST soundboard and brainstorming partner EVER) and he was like, "Why don't you do that with more stories?" and I thought,


Thus was born SUMMON, the book I'm currently outlining while my CP's have TARGET. And after that, the tentatively titled BOOTS, WISH, SLEEP, WATER, and END.

(Fabulous titles, I know. THEY WILL CHANGE, believe me.)

So I now have a series of seven standalone stories, that when read out of order will still make sense. But ALSO there will be an overarching plot from beginning to end that will be resolved in the last book. The series will be called:


Why? Because I've taken traditional fairy tales and legends, torn them apart, spun them around, flipped them on their heads and pieced them back together. Broken --> Unbroken.


I know, I'm a genius. So what am I doing right now? OUTLINING LIKE A MADWOMAN. Because there is NO WAY I'm even sending book one to agents until I know EXACTLY how things will play out and what details will be important from beginning to end. It's a daunting task, but you know what? Jo Rowling did it. And so can I.

It's interesting, because a year ago I was hesitant to create a THREE book series because the details might be screwed up. But I feel SO much more confident in this set of stories. I love the characters I have so far, and those that I'm just discovering are equally amazing. Tomorrow, I'll share an excerpt from TARGET for you. Because it's SO much fun, and I love it.

Thanks friends! Wish me luck :)


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