YAvengers Meet the Doctor

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For those of you unfamiliar with them, the YAvengers (blog, twitter) are a group of superheroes who fight crime by day and write novels by night. Saving the world one word at a time. They recently put out a call for more members, so I applied! But, sadly, didn't get it. It's for the best, really, since I have the internship now, but I have to admit I was disappointed.

The result of my sadness was being up all night thinking about the YAvengers. And then, around one AM, a scene started to play through my head. I literally started laughing, and nearly woke my husband. So I got up and wrote it out, emailed it to one of the YAvengers (who loved it), and now I'm sharing it with you.

The YAvengers meet THE DOCTOR.


*Avengers sitting at Schwarma joint*




*The Doctor stumbles in through the kitchen doors carrying something bulky*

The Doctor: And DO NOT let him out of your SIGHT! He is injured!
*Sees the Avengers*
Oh, sorry, er, just passing through, didn't mean to .......
*stares at Thor*
Wait, do I know you?

Thor: ...................

The Doctor: What's your name?

Thor: I am Thor, son of --

The Doctor: THOR? Thor Odinson? Thor Odinson of Asgard? REALLY? Blimey, I haven't been to Asgard in years! How is old Odi, eh? Still kicking?

Thor: How dare you speak of my father so casually!

The Doctor: Oh no no no, don't worry, Odin and I go waaay back. Wait, if you're here...
*looks around*
NO. Wha- nooo. Are you the Avengers? Oh I have wanted to meet you!
*Goes to Captain America*
*shakes hand*
Captain, it is an honor, and may I say how sorry I am about your crash. I did everything I could but that was a fixed point, and you know how those are.

Captain America: ..... who are you?

The Doctor: Me? I'm The Doctor. Thanks for asking. And that's Tony Stark, and Bruce Banner, and Clint Barton, and Natasha Romanoff...
*stares at Loki*
Sorry, who are you?

Loki: *glares*

The Doctor: *sees book on the table*
Oo! What are we talking about? SHADOW AND BONE! I loved that one. WAIT 'til you read Ruin and Rising. OH. I cried. The movies were alright. I would've casted Mal a bit younger, but that's just me. To each their own, eh?


The Doctor: Right. Well, I've just got a little atmospheric issue that needs sorted out so I can't stay but I've gotta' say it's been a pleasure.
*runs out the front door*

*The Avengers pretend nothing happened*

The Doctor: *pops his head back in*
Oh, Stark?

Iron Man: *looks up*

The Doctor: Very nice hair.
*clicks tongue and winks*

*Loki sneers*




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