For Real Now...

Hello again friends!

For those of you who just skimmed yesterday's post, it was an April Fool's joke. SIGHT has not even been queried yet, and I DO NOT have an agent.

NOT YET. But that post was darn good practice. I apologize too, because I think the people who were MOST fooled were those closest to me, and they were REEEALLY mad that I faked it. I felt bad. So, I'm very sorry for that...

Now! On to happier things!

A lot of people do a thing called A to Z during the month of April, but I've never had a huge inclination to do that. What I DID find was a thirty day blog-thingy for DOCTOR WHO. Which... ya know, I HAVE to do. Because... well I just do.

So here it is, in case you want to join in. I may miss a day or two here and there, but I'll catch up. I'm not a consistent person, I'm much more random. So you'll be surprised when the posts pop up on your feed : )

Since today is the second, I'll answer one and two.

1. Favorite Doctor?
This should be GLARINGLY obvious to anyone who's been following be on Twitter lately.

2. Favorite Companion.
This is a little harder to answer, because I think I'm torn between a couple, but..... if I have to choose one, it's Rose Tyler. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rose. And I feel for her on so many levels.

*ugly cry*

So, there's the beginnings of an awesome fun month, and I'll see you tomorrow... or maybe in a few days.


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