Doctor Month | 3-10

Hakuna matatta.

Let's get on with it!

3) Least favorite companion
Ummmm....... I haven't watched Doctor's one thru eight yet, so I'm going off a very small pool. But So far I'd have to say Amy Pond. She's cute and all, but she's not as interactive as the others have been so far. Sorry Amy.

(Wait, does Mickey count? Because if he does then the answer to this is definitely Mickey. For some reason I just never count him as a companion... I wonder why...)

Sorry man.

4) Favorite villain
No contest. THE MASTER. John Simm is brilliantly insane.

5) Favorite alien
Well it's definitely not the Daleks... I'd have to go with the Ood. They're peaceful, and in touch with most of the universe, making them helpful to the Doctor when they want or need to be. When they're not being threatened, they're really nice.

Kinda freaky looking, but they're really cool.

6) Favorite special episode
Honestly? I've watched them all in order on Netflix, so I can't tell the difference between a regular and special episode. So I'm gonna say the 50th Anniversary special that's coming up this year.

7) Favorite season
Of the new series, remember? Because I haven't watched Doctors 1-8. I'd have to say Season Three, with Martha Jones as companion. Because even though I like Rose more, I think Martha had the better adventures and got to see a more quirky side of Ten than Rose did.

I mean, Rhinos on the moon, Shakespeare, Weeping Angels, and she saves the ENTIRE WORLD from the Master! Martha is a close second to Rose, and I love her.

8) Least favorite season
Quickly becoming season five. Matt Smith has some great moments, but overall I think Tennant's just a hard act to follow. I do like Rory though. He's a cool kid. And he sees a lot more than any of the other companions ever have. I'm looking forward to more with him.

9) Favorite Master
I think we covered this. See # 4.

10) Saddest episode
Doomsday. No photos, no gifs. Don't get me started. Tears. All the tears.

That should do it for another few days. Share your answers in the comments if you wish.


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