Doctor Month | 21-30

Hello there!

I'd really better finish this, right? Right.

21. Favorite Couple.
Rory and Amy. Even though I haaaaaate that there's always like, a THING in my mind that she maybe likes the Doctor better, but in the end... it's Rory. It was always Rory.

22. Favorite Friendship
The Doctor and Martha. He's amazing, and she's strong and brilliant. They're great together.


23. Favorite Doctor Who Spinoff
I haven't watched any, actually. Torchwood is the only one I know of.

24. Favorite Quote

25. Favorite Doctor catchphrase
Oh, don't make me choose... Probably ALLONS'Y.

26. Favorite Doctor Gadget
Does The T.A.R.D.I.S. count as a gadget? I'd say that first, if not then:
Were you honestly expecting anything else?

27. Favorite interview
THIS ONE: David Tennant's Sock Problem
(Sorry, the actual video wouldn't load)

28. Favorite .GIF
There are way too many. I can not choose just one. But I'll put ONE of my favorites here anyway. Just for fun.

29. Favorite guest star
I don't know... I do really love it when I recognize the guest actors though. Like we just watched a while ago the Christmas Special with Michael Gambon. Especially when they're Harry Potter actors, that's the best.

30. When do you become a fan of Doctor Who?
Is this a joke? WHEN YOU WATCH IT.

I'm done. Happy April.


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