Doctor Month | 11-20

Wow... I'm behind...


11. Funniest Episode
12. Episode that scared you most
These are probably the same one for me I think. and it's the very first WEEPING ANGELS episode. It was scary beyond all reason, and yet it had some of the most HILARIOUS lines I've ever heard in the series, even to this day.

13. Favorite Theme Song
The one that plays at the end of almost every episode in seasons five thru seven. I think it's called "I Am The Doctor" or something. Love that one.

14. Character you like that everyone else hates
Ummm....... I don't think there is one...

15. Most annoying character
I'm gonna say Jackie Tyler. She's great and all, but she can get annoying.

16. Favorite actor
No contest.

17. Least favorite actor
I'm gonna go with..... nope, can't. I love them all.

18. Favorite actress
Catherine Tate.

19. Least favorite actress
Oh... pfffffft. Don't make me choose. Even off camera they're all brilliant.

20. Favorite writer
Russel T. Davies. I like Moffat's stand-alone episodes, but once he took over things just got all kinds of convoluted. I miss RTD.




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