Wibbly Wobbly...


This will be short.

Hi friends!
It's been a while, hasn't it?

I'm just here to *real quick* wish you all a happy weekend, whatever you may be celebrating, and to vent a little by saying I am SO FREAKING TIRED.

I'm packing today to go out of town... we're leaving this afternoon when Brandon gets off work, and I am NOT ready.

I crashed on the couch, and Monkey got to a DVD/Bluray case, and I have NO idea where the cover is now... the discs are okay though, so that's something.

Other than that, we're not packed yet, and I just needed to take a minute to swipe my fingers across a keyboard to relieve some tension and anxiety. I'm sure you understand. I'm gonna go back to packing now, and hopefully I'll have everything ready to throw in the car in 3.5 hours...

Where's The Doctor when you need him...
If I'm not back on Twitter by tomorrow, send help.


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