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The Prompt


I kept meaning to enter this contest all week, but I completely forgot about it until an hour before it was set to close. I facebooked my friend Katie (who is in charge of it) apologizing for forgetting and you know what she said?

"It's still open :)"

After just a bit of prodding from her my response was:


So! Here's a bit of downtime from an idea I've been mulling over for a couple of years and just haven't written yet. I'll also have you know, these characters were ALREADY CREATED before this contest, and yes, Rachel Jackson has ALWAYS been... well, I'll let you find out. Just know I'm NOT doing it to suck up, okay? Okay. Here you go. From the characters of SHIFT...



It was all I could see. All I could feel. Like the fire in my veins. Then I inhaled, the dusty scent of dry grass and broken asphalt felt gritty in my nose. I sneezed, and the rest of me moved with the action.


I cried out, hoping no one was around to hear, as the events of the previous night came flooding back to me. Rachel, Benjamin, Reina, all the others… did they get away? The last thing I could remember was Kate’s laughter as I flew upward, hoping they were all safe enough that my escape wouldn’t lead her to them.

Finally, I opened my eyes. The sun nearly blinded me. I lay in a crop of tall weeds beneath an old decrepit looking rail road. I sat up gingerly, my arm felt bruised, and saw a road running near me, perpendicular to the tracks above. I was in the middle of nowhere. Before anything else I checked the communicator on my arm. Pressing button after button did no good. It wouldn’t power up. I sighed.

I stood and examined my arm. Definitely bruised. Kate had come at me midair, slamming her body against my wing, and this was the result. I wondered if I could still fly? I tested it, moving and stretching at every angle. It was stiff and sore, but I’d push through it. I had to find the others. Then I heard my name.


I turned. “Rachel?” I gasped. I tore through the grass toward her voice until I found her, curled up near one of the pillars but sitting straight as I approached. Her grey cardigan was wrapped tight around her. I knelt down and brushed long dark hair out of her face. “Are you all right? Are you hurt?”

“You’re asking stupid contradictory questions,” she breathed. Her Kiwi accent came through light and true, though she was obviously tired.

I couldn’t help smiling, her voice was the sweetest sound in the world. “So you’re okay?”

“’Course I am,” she smiled. “Been waiting for you to wake up. You sure gave me a fright though. You’ve been out for hours. Are you okay?”

“My arm’s sore, but other than that I’m fine. What happened to the others?”

She shrugged. “Got away, I think. I haven’t seen anyone else.”

“Okay… so, what do we do?”

We sat quietly for a few moments before she looked up at me and said, “We’ve got to find them.”

I nodded. “But where do we look?”

She bit her lip in thought.

“Wait,” I said, “I saw something in Kate’s office before she called the lockdown. Something about the White House.”

“Hm…” she bit her lip harder and I grinned. She was adorable when she was thinking. “I know someone who lives near there, an old friend of Benjamin’s. Maybe they could help us.”

“Or at least fix the communicators. I assume yours is broken too?”

“Yeah,” she said, tapping at it. “From what I’ve heard, he’s good with technology, so he probably could do that.”

“Perfect. We have a plan.” I helped her stand.

She smirked at me and said, “Fancy a flight?”

“You know it.” We crouched, jumped, shifted, and met the sky.


BAM! Five-hundred-twenty-eight words with nine minutes to spare. I am amazing in all my amazingness. You're welcome, Katie.


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