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Happy Tuesday, lovelies!

Everyone's been doing #WriteClub posts lately, so I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon. I remember the night Megan Whitmer did #WriteClub for the first time. It was ALL OVER my Twitter feed. It was like every writer on the internet jumped on and went, "Wheeeeeeeeeee!" And I felt a twinge of jealousy because I couldn't participate! Sad day.

Luckily for me, it was scheduled to happen again the next week. I really wanted to play along, but Megan's time frame (8-11pm EST) was 5-8 my time, which was right in the middle of dinner, bathtime, and bedtime. For a mom of a newborn and toddler, that's a craaaaazzzyyy time of day. I just couldn't make it. So I messaged her and *very* nervously (I love Megan, but I get intimidated when I really respect people, like her) asked if I could use the hashtag she'd created to run sprints later, when she was done.

Of course she was like, "Yeah! Go for it!" And so, that second week, there I was. As soon as Megs was done, I jumped on. And I think she'd already created @FriNightWrites at that point too. She was awesome enough to give me the login info for that account, and I tweeted sprint times from there, following her lead.

It was an awesome experience! Not only to participate in something that involved other awesome writers, but to be the one in the lead. It was kind of exhausting, but SO much fun. Gradually, more and more people joined in the fun. Megan and I each (kind of inadvertently) brought in a substitute sprint-leader of sorts, Angi Black (@AngiNicole722) and Carey Torgesen (@CareyTorg). Before long, Beau Barnett (@iNukeYou) started keeping track of the numbers being reported.

Which reminded me of this:

“When we deal in generalities, we shall never succeed. When we deal in specifics, we shall rarely have a failure. When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of performance accelerates.”
― Thomas S Monson

I can't tell you how true I've learned this is in my life. If we keep track of forward progress, the progress gains momentum and moves faster. And that's what's happened with #WriteClub. In January, our numbers for the *entire night* were under ten thousand. Just last Friday, between the USA and UK writers in a twelve hour period, we broke ONE HUNDRED FORTY THOUSAND words.

To give you an idea, The first Harry Potter book was just under 77 thousand. We wrote nearly TWICE that much IN ONE NIGHT.

That's a lot of words.

It's incredible to be a part of something so huge. And I have a feeling it's only going to get bigger. I have to give a HUGE thanks to Megan for letting me help out, and to Angi, Carey, Beau, and Sarah for helping Megan and I when we're busy or burnt out and can't make it.OH! And the ever awesome Sarah Benwell of the UK who has taken up the entire block of UK time and runs sprints for us then! She's amazing and dedicated, and definitely deserves some love!

My husband gives me a hard time for spending four hours of my Friday night tapping and clicking away at my laptop, but you know what? It's been the best motivation ever. and It's so much fun.

So come join us! Every Friday the UK sprints begin at 8pm GMT (Greenwich) (Which is 4pm ET, or 1pm PT). USA sprints begin at 8pm ET, and go until at least midnight PT, and sometimes later if we're on a roll! (I'm pretty sure Beau hates me for this, btw...).

Follow @FriNightWrites on Twitter for #WriteClub news and updates and sprint start/stop times, and check the hashtag whenever you need some writing buddies. There's usually someone on there!


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