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And we're done!!! I have to say THANK YOU to everyone who participated in both the giveaway and the contest! All of you are awesome, and I can't believe I'm so lucky to have such incredible followers, readers, and friends!

First, the GIVEAWAY!

I get to choose two winners for this, and they will choose between receiving a paperback copy of either THE DREAMER or SHADOW AND BONE. The two winners, chosen by Random{dot}org, are:

JENNA FOOTE whose favorite book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (after my heart, you are)


LAURA WALKER whose favorite book is Pride and Prejudice!

Congrats to you both!!! Email me your address at darcicole @ gmail . com and let me know which book you want. Choose carefully! They're both incredible!!! (I HIGHLY recommend buying whichever one you don't choose, so you can just have both!)

And next are the winners of the 100 Flash Fiction Contest, as chosen by our wonderful judges! Each judge chose a first pick, and an alternate, just in case they chose the same entry. The alternates will be listed as honorable mentions.

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UPDATE::: I should mention you guys, that the judges loved ALL of you. They had a hard time deciding. You really made it a difficult choice! And that means you are amazing. Whatever happens, JUST KEEP WRITING.

Shawnette Nielson's pick, and winner of the FULL MS critique is:

Entry 13 - John Lucas Hargis

Honorable Mention to: Entry 6 - Mike

Kat Ellis's pick, and winner of the FIRST THREE CHAPTERS critique is:

Entry 3 - Rachel O'Laughlin

Honorable Mention to: Entry 11 - Hero London

Amber Mauldin's pick, and winner of the FIRST SIX CHAPTERS critique is:

Entry 8 - Lyndsey Lewellen

Honorable Mention to: Entry 4 - Leslie at RoomThirty3

Dahlia Adler's pick, and winner of the QUERY critique is:

Entry 4 - Leslie at RoomThirty3

Honorable Mention to: Entry 3 - Rachel O'Laughlin

Winners, please contact your critiquer via email or Twitter (look back at THIS POST for that info).
Thank you all (judges and entrants) for participating!

And now, to choose ONE lucky winner to receive an ebook of SHADOW AND BONE along with some awesome Grisha swag from Leigh Bardugo herself! The numbers begin with the giveaway entrants, and go through the Flash entries for a total of 25 people in this drawing. And the winner is:



Glo, email me your address and where you want your ebook sent to! Thanks for playing!

Yay :-)
I have the best readers in the world. *grateful*


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