The Entries - 100

I almost titled this "100 Entries." I don't think our judges have time for that...

So, for the judges convenience and yours, HERE THEY ARE. In, to the best of my knowledge, the order in which they were submitted. Those of you participating (or watching at home) feel free to comment on this post, or the entrants posts! Give encouragement and praise and all the good happy vibes because all of you are AMAZING for putting your work out like this. I'm proud of you for that.

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1) Pernapickett

2) Heather

3) Rachel

4) Leslie

5) Katie

6) Mike

7) Krista

8) Lyndsey

9) Sabrina

10) Gloria

11) Hero

12) Zoe

13) Lucas

WOW you guys.

Just. Wow.

You all have until Monday to read them! I'm hoping the judges will be able to make their choices by Sunday night so we can post winners on Monday, but I'm not gonna push 'em... this is gonna be a tough decision!

Thank you all for participating! Now read each other's entries and get acquainted. See ya Monday! (Or Tuesday...).


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  1. Darci I got your comment. My post has the word one hundred in it. When I describe the kaleidoscope. Pls don't disqualify me!


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