Excerpt: Target

Hello weekend readers!

I honestly can't help myself. Though this draft is coming slowly, I'm enjoying it so much. I'm not sure if TARGET is like... THE book I'm supposed to write, but the more I get into it the move I love it.The characters are layered, the world is fun, and it's coming to me fairly easily.

Below is part of a scene I just finished. Presented purely for my own enjoyment... and maybe yours a little too.


Robyn stood on a branch high above him, leaning against the trunk of her tree. Her eyes were on him, and her customary scowl was present. He moved toward her warily. Their eyes remained locked, and his stomach knotted as he watched her.

When he was directly below her, he spoke softly. “May I join you?”

By the movement of her head, he guessed that she’d rolled her eyes. “No.”

“I’d like to speak to you.”

“Then speak. I can hear you just fine.”

Lex gritted his teeth. She was being infuriating on purpose. “Will you come down?”

She shifted into a crouch to look at him more directly. “I told you, I can hear you just fine from here. What do you have to say?”

He cleared his throat. Hands clasped behind his back, he stared at the ground. “I… I apologize for my behavior yesterday.” He looked up at her. “You had everything under control, and I made a poor judgment, which could have resulted in my own death, if not for your ah… timely shot.” He watched her for a reaction, but her expression didn’t flinch. He swallowed. “Anyway, I wanted to thank you for that. So… thank you.”

Before things could get any more awkward, he turned to walk back to the fire.


A lump formed in his throat. “Yes, lady?” he said, turning back.

She dropped to the ground in front of him and, without missing a beat, punched him in the eye. He fell backward onto the forest floor with a cry of pain, clutching at his face.

He moved his facial muscles, stretching and testing them to see where he was hurt. When he finally opened his eyes, he looked up to see Robyn standing over him, leaning to one side, hands on her hips.

“Apology accepted,” she said.

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  1. This is hilarious and spunky and awesome. Awesome job, hon!


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