ARC Review: Summer Ruins

~Trisha Leigh~
Whispers In Autumn
Winter Omens
Betrayals In Spring
Summer Ruins -- release date, Feb. 19, 2013

A final battle for the survival of Earth is coming.

Between the alien Others and the destruction of humanity stand four Dissidents.


I've finished the book, and that ^^
still gives me chills.

Okay... now to tell you about this amazing book without telling you ANYTHING at all...

I read Autumn, Winter, and Spring back in December, just after Spring was released. I read them one after the other, in a matter of days. Then I waited, and waited and waited for Summer.

Despite the wait, the minute I started reading this I was immediately sucked back into the world. The thing I think I love most about these books is how easily I can relate to the characters. If you've read the first three (which, if you haven't, GO DO IT NOW) you'll know what I'm talking about. These characters are so genuine. They behave organically. Every choice they make has consequences, and each consequence is explored by the story. It's just so thorough without feeling weighed down.

I love that.

Another amazing thing about these books is the fact that Trisha (the amazing, beautiful, brilliant author that she is) throws hell at these characters. Literally. I mean, there were moments when I wanted to reach through my Kindle and find her sitting at her laptop to shake her and cry and scream NO! WHY? THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!! Even now, after all is said and done, my heart is so... ugh. I can't even...

GAH! I wish I could tell you EVERYTHING! I can't, because : : SPOILER : : it's not out yet! But don't worry. You have just enough time to go to Amazon, buy and download the first three books, (1) (2) (3), and read them all before Summer is officially released on TUESDAY FEBRUARY 19th.

Mark the date people.
Read the first three.
Read this book.
Thank me later.



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