It's Been a Month...

Hello beautiful people!!!

Ribbit! He's 4.5 months now.
I guess it hasn't been a WHOLE month, but pretty dang close. HI GUYS!!! I'm back! I hadn't intended to be gone this long, and I apologize for the lack of Darci posts in your feed, but you'll be getting a deluge soon because I have so much to tell you!

What have I been doing, you ask? READING. I have read published books, unpublished manuscripts, and short stories (some that I still need to get to) and I have loved every minute of it. Each story had its own strengths that I was able to draw and learn from, and I was delighted to read each one. Here's a quick run-down of all the amazingness I got to see and experience in the last month-and-a-half:


The Dreamer, by May Nicole Abbey (see a few posts back)
Shadow and Bone, by Leigh Bardugo (here's her twitter)
Graceling, by Kristin Cashore
Fire, by Kristin Cashore
Whispers in Autumn, by Trisha Leigh (here's her twitter)
Winter Omens, by Trisha Leigh
Betrayals in Spring, by Trisha Leigh

UNPUBLSHED (my CPs' manuscripts)

Sugar Coated Deceit, by Angi Black (Twitter) (I actually read this one TWICE)
The Keys Always in my Heart, by Angi Black
Kiya: Rise of a New Dynasty, by Katie Teller (Twitter)
Ultraviolet Catastrophe, by Jamie Grey (Twitter)
Never, Never, by Brianna Shrum (Twitter)
Ask Again Later, by Francesca Zappia (Twitter)
Jailbird, by Francesca Zappia
Dreamcatcher, by Francesca Zappia
THE BLACK PHOENIX by Francesca Zappia
(I was on pins & needles for that one, and it was AMAZING)

There you have 'em! THAT is what I've been doing. Sixteen novels, all between 60K and 113K words, all read within a six week time frame.


Next post: 2012 year review, and my 2013 new years goals.
'Bout time I did that, yeah?

See ya!


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