*guuuuhhhh* (And a Query)

And THAT my friends, is what happens when you stay up WAY too late, no matter WHAT you're doing.
(As I write this post at 2:30 in the morning... 

I have been taking every moment in the last few weeks to write and revise, and I SWEAR I'm almost done... I swear I'd better be.

I feel terrible. I haven't blogged in over a week, and the poor Typelings probably think I've abandoned them :-(

But now, for your enjoyment and critique, I am posting my brand new shiny QUERY! Giving credit where it's due, most of this came from the brilliant mind of my FABULOUS Twitter-buddy/CP Cait (@CaitPeterson). I basically just tweaked because she nailed it. 

Let me know what you think, and if YOU would want to read it!


Dearest Agent whom I Adore,

Sixteen-year-old Kolina has spent her whole life dreaming about a castle, and wondering what it means. It has earned her the ridicule of her peers, who simply think she’s putting on airs above her station. But when her grandfather dies and she gains the Sight, Kolina begins to understand. The Sight gives her the power to manipulate objects and thoughts. With it, she must complete the task for which her grandfather gave his life: find and restore the lost heir of Robaea, one of the Three Kingdoms, and defeat the false king Alrik. 

Alrik’s sorcery has leeched the kingdom of its life, leaving the people mindless and glassy-eyed. Now he’s gathering an army, intent on taking over Kolina’s homeland and the rest of the Three Kingdoms. Only the lost heir can stop Alrik, and that means Kolina is running out of time. She bands together with a new mentor, two mismatched comrades, and her best friend Gunnar. With them, she must solve clues and gather the help she’ll need to find the lost heir, before Alrik's hold tightens. Because if she fails, there will be nothing to stop Alrik from destroying the Three Kingdoms, or her family.

SIGHT is a YA fantasy adventure with romantic elements. Complete at 57,000 words, it is in the vein of LORD OF THE RINGS, THE BELGARIAD, and ERAGON with a slightly modern flair. I am a wife, mother, and blogger.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Darci Cole


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