Falling Asleep at the Wheel

I was driving little (huge) two-month-old Ribbit to his check up the other day, and I literally started nodding off. It was a little frightening. I've never been quite THAT tired before.

Then I remembered a conversation I'd had with my husband just the previous night. It went something like this:

Me: *yawn* I'm so tired... actually I feel fine right now --

B: You're tired but you feel fine?

Me: Well, I am tired, but I'm not nearly as tired as I was this morning.

B: I think you're confused.

Me: No, really. I feel okay right now.

B: I don't think you know what it feels like to be well-rested so you're pretending you do.

Me: *crickets*

After the driving experience, I realized he was right. It's been so long since I've felt completely rested that I've been functioning under extreme exhaustion thinking I was fine. So Wednesday night we actually got to bed at a decent hour, and I woke up feeling FULL of energy! I was thinking, "Yes! I did it! I'm well-rested!"

Then 10 AM came around, and I CRASHED.

Literally. 10-1 I was out. My poor boys... one slept the whole time, the other played in his child-proof room. I wanted to write ALL THE WORDS yesterday, but it did not happen. All this made me realize that I just cant do everything all the time. I can't be the perfect wife, perfect mom, perfect housekeeper, perfect church member, and perfect writer -- ALL WHILE STAYING SANE -- EVERY day. I need to organize my time, and take turns with these things...

Hopefully this realization will help me be better at time management... it sure didn't work yesterday.

Please comment and just.... just tell me I'm not alone in this? Please?


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