Character Interview - Beau

Beau was a complete enigma to me before. He kind of still is... I couldn't tell if he was a scoundrel or a gentleman, if he was on the good side or the bad, or if he had honorable intentions or not.

He was difficult to write.

Even in trying to find an appropriate actor for him I got stumped for a while. I'd really like someone similar to Robert Carlyle who plays Rumplestiltskin / Mr. Gold in Once Upon A Time. But he's just a little too old for Beau, and doesn't clean up quite as well as I'd like. Beau chooses to appear dirty when it suits him, and clean-cut when THAT suits him.


I'm thinking either Jeremy Renner, or Ewan McGregor. Reason is, he's the same height as Gunnar, who is slightly shorter than average. These guys are both around 5'10'' which is perfect. Honestly, I think Renner looks more like Beau, but McGregor has the accent. So... if Renner can DO the accent, he'd be perfect.

Anyway, this interview really helped me pin him down. I was trying to write his accent, but it became too distracting both for me, and for some of my readers in earlier drafts. Instead, I'm settling for a brief description of his accent at the beginning, and just typing small bits here and there... you'll see.

WARNING, this one is long because I just HAD to share the whole thing... but it goes quickly because he's quite entertaining.

And maybe you all can help me out... let me know if you see or hear a specific person as you read his voice. I need a better representation.


Hi Beau.


I’m really excited to talk to you.

Are you now? Why’s that?

I don’t know… I’m just not sure what to expect with you.

That’s a wise expectation.

It’s no expectation.


Got it. So, tell me about yourself. I know you grew up in the SaeNoctu Palace, right?

True. I was about two when one of the kitchen girls found me wanderin the woods just outside the palace gardens. She brought me in and they tried to find out who my parents were, but no one stepped forward to claim me. So one of the men who worked cleaning the place agreed to take me in.

Was he basically your father figure?

Not really. He was always kind to me, but he had me call him by his name, and never referred to me as his son. Though he taught me a lot.

Like what?

Mostly he taught me to listen, and how to apply what I hear. Why are you so interested in all this anyway?

I’m writing a book about your travels.

MY travels?

Yes. Mainly the journey with Kolina.

Ah, I see. Well my, er, mentor, as I like to call him, taught me many things, by example alone.

And what was his example?

Let’s just say he wasn’t… charmin.

What was he then?

*sigh* Unscrupulous, dishonest, sneaky.

And did you follow in his path?

No. (No hesitation)


Well, not entirely.

What does that mean?


You’re not going to tell me are you?

Now you’re catchin’ on.

Beau, I’ve got to know you if I’m going to write your character into Kolina’s story. Unless you want me to leave you out entirely?

Go ahead. *smiles*

Okay. I’ll just put a man like your mentor in your place.

*smile fades* You’re cruel.

No I’m not. I’m a writer. Now tell me how you are different from your mentor.

*scowls* I was young, and he was my only example. So yes, I learned what he taught me. I know how to spy, eavesdrop, gain information, find an escape route, or a hiding place, disguise myself so that I am unrecognizable, and even manipulate others to draw any conclusions I wish. Unlike him, however, I do my best to only use these talents – if you want to call them that – for the good of others, rather than only myself.

Wow. So, you’re honest in your business dealings and things?

Absolutely. I only perform acts I feel comfortable with, and I never accept payment. I have to feel I’m doing a service. The only work I’ve put those abilities to has been in the service of Dusan or the Saepen crown.

*raises eyebrows* King Jakov has employed you?

Of course.

For what?

*shrugs* gaining information, mostly. His spies are alright, but they haven’t been trained from so young an age as I was.

If your mentor was such a good "bad example," when did you choose to only apply your knowledge selflessly?

I was fourteen. He’d been having me do more and more things that I wasn’t quite comfortable with, but I kept rationalizing that he wouldn’t be doing them if they weren’t important. One night he had me keep watch while he did something… I followed him, and saw him kill one of the palace servants.

Oh my…

I asked him what she’d done, and he said he didn’t know. Someone had paid him to do it. He was so desensitized, it never occurred to him to ask for a purpose. I stole his money, sneaked out of our rooms that night, and never saw him again.

Where did you live?

‘Round. I mostly walked, rode where I could, learned the lay of the land and as many cities as I went through. I worked for food and money where I needed to so I survived.

How long?

Years. From the time I was fourteen til the summer I turned twenty-five.

And in all that time, did you ever want to stay anywhere?

Oh sure, but not many fathers want their daughters involved with a vagrant young traveling man. Especially a poor one.

I’m so sorry.

Not your problem. I never really connected with any of them anyway.

Have you ever loved anyone?

I don’t really think so.

What do you do for money? How do you survive?

I trade. Mostly in precious artifacts and wares from the other kingdoms.

And you don't cheat or swindle?

*grins* Only when they deserve it.

Would you describe yourself as more mischievous, or more serious?

Mischievous, I think. There are times for both, but I was raised to be sneaky. It’s kind of ingrained in me.


There he is. What do you think of Beau?


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