Happy Monday & an Excerpt

Hello lovely beautiful readers!

I had a GREAT weekend, how bout you? I didn't get as much sleep as I'd have liked, but hey... I'm parenting a newborn AND a toddler. That's just life. I spent the weekend at a cabin up in the cool mountains of Arizona, watching the LDS General Conference with my husband's family. It was uplifting, restful, and inspiring all at once. Plus I didn't have to cook a single meal. I call that a win.

I wanted to let you all know that soon (hopefully VERY soon!) my blog will have a WHOLE NEW LOOK. Thanks to the amazing Tiana Smith (a.k.a. The Blog Decorator) things are getting revamped! I love her work, and I've wanted to get this done for months and now I finally can! So watch out for that... I'm so excited for the new design! I hope you all like it

For now though, I'd like to share with you the brand-spankin-new beginning to my novel, SIGHT, which I am totally overhauling. Anyone who read the old version will likely have a hard time recognizing the story... except that it's the same characters.

Feel free to let me know what you think! I'll see you guys again soon, hopefully after construction is done on the blog! *squeee!!!*


She flinched as her sword rang against his. Her teeth were clenched, and her knuckles white. She saw his muscles shaking beneath his sleeves and could tell he was getting tired. Her endurance would be her saving grace. She disregarded everything but his face while they fought.

She swung around, spinning his blade with her own and throwing him off balance. Her arms burned with the strain. He stumbled slightly, but regained his footing quickly. They exchanged blow after blow. Beads of sweat flipped from her face as she ducked quickly away from his slash. Suddenly, he kicked the loose ground and dust flew into the air.
She coughed as he spun away. Shaking her head through the gritty cloud, she looked up just in time to block his next attack. Her eyes burned, and her mind flared at his cheating. That was not proper dueling etiquette. She went at him with a flurry of blows.
“That’s not allowed!”
“Says who?”
“Oh come on, I’m just using my environment to my advant – AAH!”
She landed a strike on his shoulder, and he flew backward over a hay bale into the horse’s water trough.
Kolina lowered her blunt sword, breathing hard. She wiped a few strands of wispy brown hair from her face and surveyed her younger brother as he tried to extricate himself from the trough. He was soaked.
She smirked.
“Did you have to throw me in the water?” Dax asked. “I just bathed last night, now I’ll have to again so I don’t smell like horse… stuff...”
She scoffed. “I have to too, since you decided I need dirt in my eyes.” She spat at the dust in her mouth, then eyed him. “Since when do you care about smelling nice?”
He mock-glared at her. “How else was I supposed to get the advantage? Dirt in the face slows you down.” He stood and shook his lanky-teenage-underdeveloped limbs, flinging water everywhere. “You may not be very strong, but you’re definitely fast.”
-SIGHT, Chapter One

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