Character Interview: Kolina

Hello lovely readers!

In rewriting SIGHT I was flying through it. Then I hit an emotional, life-altering scene, and the voices felt really forced. I couldn't figure out why. Then I realized I didn't really KNOW my characters very well. So I begged the twitter-writing-community, the Typelings, and my husband for help, and the overwhelming response was that I should talk to my characters.

Some suggested vocally talking out loud to them, others said try writing it out, or taking personality quizzes on their behalf, etc...

I was mostly concerned with my main character, Kolina. Of all the characters I've written, she's been the most difficult.

So as I was cooking and cleaning the other day, I tried to start up a conversation with her. Her reaction?

*eye roll*
*yawn* (see photo above)

I told B this, and he said, "It's because you weren't sincere. She could feel it."

Well *&#%&$*#(#.

So after everyone was in bed, I sat down and opened up a blank document. THEN she started talking. Three pages worth of talking. Here are some of the things she said...

Hi Kolina.

Um, who are you?

My name is Darci. I’m a friend.

How can you be a friend when I don’t even know you?

Let’s just say I’d like to be your friend.

Ok. So what do you want?

I want to get to know you a little. I know some things already from talking to your family and Gunnar, but I wanted to ask you a few questions.

Go ahead.


They were just going to send me away with a strange man I didn’t know to save people who didn’t know me? Apparently. Anyway, whatever.

Wow, I had no idea you were so upset by it.

Who wouldn’t be? I’ll admit I’ve been provided for, but my life hasn’t been all flowers and sunshine! I lost my sister! You can’t begin to understand how that feels. And then to lose my grampa? After he’d promised he’d always be there for me? How could he just leave?

I’m sure he didn’t mean to.

I know that…. Of course he didn’t mean to, he had no control over it. But it still hurts.

I know. I lost my grandmother when I was young.

You did?

Yes. I think about her a lot. I’m sad, but I know she’s up there, watching out for me, still helping me…. Don’t you think your grampa is doing the same?

I suppose so. I never really thought about that.

He loved you, Kolina. He did everything in his power to make your task easier. He had you trained, he made sure you felt the Sight, and he loved you for being YOU. He never asked you to be something you weren’t.

True. Even Gunnar did that…

No he didn’t, he just wasn’t taking you seriously at the time.

Wow. You called me on that.


There's not much more I can share that won't give away a TON of the story, but I think those bits give you a glimpse at Kolina and her voice.

Lengthy post, but fun, right?!? If you've never done this, you should try it. I'm going to do it with the rest of my prominent characters, and post bits for you here.

What do you think of Kolina? Like her? Hate her? 


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