While I've Been Gone...

It's been almost two weeks since my last post, so you can guess what that means, right?


Which also means:

1. My ankles are BACK!
2. I can cross my legs!
3. I can sleep on my back, or my stomach! So many options!
4. I weigh 30 pounds less than I did two weeks ago!
5. I have one heck of a story for you guys.

First off though, may I introduce the newest member of the Cole clan:


He is our little froggy. His chest is almost as big around as his head, but his arms and legs are skinny little things... reminds me of Michigan J. Frog.

He's adorable, and sleeps a lot, and we love him. Monkey hasn't seemed very impressed by the whole thing. He was just happy to spend a few days with his grandma's and grandpa's and cousins.

I'm working on writing up the WHOLE story. If you're not comfortable with birth stories, then feel free to skip that post.

In other news I'm SO itching to dive back into my drafts. I've felt jealous of all my writerly friends entering all kinds of contests and things that my MS's just aren't ready for :-(

My heart wants to write! I hope these little animals of mine will let me get some writing done and still find time to sleep... the housework may suffer...

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers! I'll be back soon with the story of Ribbit's birth!


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