Exciting Happenings!


So guess what?!?!

You'll never guess... so I'll just tell you.

Two things...

My amazing friends Britney, Amy, Mandy, and Marie (and I) are starting a group blog! We've called ourselves the Typelings for a while, but I thought it'd be fun to get a little more public. The blog will be a place for us to share our work, photos, book reviews, music, and other things that inspire us.

Typelings: a modern-day throwback to the Inklings of the mid-1900's, which included such inspirational writers as J.R.R. Tolkein, C.S. "Jack" Lewis, Charles Williams, and many others. Not that we think ourselves as talented as they, but that we aspire to be so. We have a lot of fun when we get together, so we're hoping to share that with people through the blog.

typelingsaz.blogspot.com. Go. Wait, read on first, THEN go.

I've discovered a new hashtag that I LOVE!!! #WriteClub, hosted by @FriNightWrites, is a weekly event where writers get together to do writing sprints in a focused, supportive, group of writers from all around the world! It was started by the amazing Megan Whitmer, and has really taken off! I kept trying to participate, but my kids were still awake at the times they did it. So I asked Megan if I could help myself and other West Coast people, and continue the sprints after the east coast time is over, and she said YES! So that's what I'll be doing tonight, if you'd like to join me!

Exciting new things! So what's new with you?


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