WHAT IF? ~Fairytale Maddness Blogfest~

I am SO EXCITED to participate in this.... because I already had one of these written. Hehehe!

I'm joining Team Plot Twists, judged by Cassie Mae.
*I hope I win!*

Without further ado... my story...

By sunrise, exhaustion threatened to claim her. The same thoughts continually tumbled through her mind: her parents dead, her house in flames, the lord of her land likely chasing her in an attempt to make her his mistress. She found a stream and dismounted to drink. 
She stood and nocked an arrow in a flash. “Who’s there?” 
From the brush came a man who towered over her. She stood her ground. He raised his hands in a gesture of peace, but her arrow remained steady. 
“Who are you?” she demanded. 
“Jeffrey,” he said. “And you?” 
“What are you doing in the middle of the forest?” she said quickly. 
He shrugged. “I live here.” 
She shook her head. “How do I know you’re telling the truth?” 
“I have no reason to lie,” he said. “It’s just us out here.” 
“And that’s meant to inspire confidence?”  
He snorted. “I s’pose not so much. What brings you here?” 
“Don’t question me.” 
Jeffrey smirked. “You know, it’s not often we get the company of a lady out here in the woods –” 
An arrow suddenly pinned his sleeve to the tree behind him. When he looked back, the girl had a second nocked and aimed. 
Jeffrey eyed her warily. A possibility came to her. 
“How many are you?” 
“Eight,” he said. 
“I’d like to join you until my danger passes. I can hold my own, and I won’t be a burden. But if any man dares touch me, or even attempts it, they will find themselves intimate with an arrow.” 
Jeffrey nodded. “Those are acceptable terms. We could use your aim. You’ll be the only girl, but you seem to be made of strong stuff.” 
They regarded each other. Then he asked, “What’s your name, miss?” 
“Robyn. My name is Robyn.”

Hehehe! Hope you liked it!


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