Whatcha Lookin For? Round 2

Every so often, I like to go into my STATS folder on here and see which keywords people are using to find my blog. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's worrisome, sometimes it's just weird. However it turns out this time, here we go!

(Click on the keyword to see the post it's related to.)

In the #5 spot:

Ashley Letizia.

I am really proud of this one.

Ashley is a friend of mine who does a lot of acting in plays and musicals. Her dream is to be a Disney Princess (like for real, she auditions for Disney to play characters at the theme parks). She is truly amazing, talented, and one of the sweetest people I've ever known.

Last year when I was beginning work on SIGHT, I saw a comment of her's on FB that she worried she'd never be chosen to play a princess at Disney because of her height (she's 4'11''). So I set out to write a story in which the main character (a princess) was short, using Ashley as my inspiration. She is the perfect Kolina.

In the #4 spot:


I had to Google this myself to find out what it was........

Apparently, маллореан is Russian for Mallorean. WELL! that makes more sense then!

The Mallorean is the second of two series of books by David Eddings, chronicling the adventures of Garion, Polgara, and Belgarath. It's literally my favorite FAVORITE series of books of all time. (Harry Potter is a very close second.)

I don't know why they've never really caught the limelight, but they're seriously entertaining, funny, and full of adventure, intrigue, and magic. I love them.

The #3 spot goes to:

Guy typing.

This makes a lot of sense to me. Because, whenever I'm posting about writing or editing, I generally choose one three photos in my arsenal. This is one of the three.

I think that about sums that one up.

In #2 we have,


I have no photo for this one, but there IS an explanation. See, Turner likes to watch cartoons online every so often. A while back, he was watching one, and one of the characters was "klepto-voyant." He would randomly steal or take things, that would eventually turn out to be of great use to him. For example, he took a lady's hairpin that he ended up using to pick a lock. He stole a coin. Later, when he flipped it up into the air it hit a bird, that then flew into a guy's face, causing the guy to drop a money box and all the cash basically fell into the klepto-voyant guys money purse.

Turner told me I needed a character like that in my book. So I wrote it in :-)

And the #1 thing people are searching for to find my blog:

Hanson 2012.


I'm not from Oklahoma, so I can't say I was a fan from the beginning, but ever since their first big album I've been loyal.

I'm probably not the biggest fan anymore, and I can't say I have all of their albums. But I have most, I think, and I still listen to them.

Hanson's music helped me teach myself how to harmonize, how to transcribe, and how to transpose. (If you're not a musician, you probably understood none of that, but it's important to me.) They were the first band I ever became a true fan of. I'm sad to say I never got to see them in concert.

More than anything though, I'm grateful for their dedication to their beliefs and their family. I don't know what religion they believe in, but I've always been able to tell that they're good guys. They were never in the tabloids for stupid publicity stunts or drugs or drama, and now I'm so happy to know that they've all been married and have families of their own.

Anyway, I've rambled on long enough. Hope you enjoyed this round! See ya next time!


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