Since I've joined the writing community online, I've gotten the chance to read some amazing work by some amazing up-published authors. I've edited and beta'ed and critiqued a LOT of manuscripts in the last few months alone.

I've heard some people rant about how unfair it is that there's terrible writing being published, (and there is) when we -- the GOOD aspiring writers -- are left high and dry to wonder what it is we're doing wrong. Well, I don't have ALL the answers, because obviously the business is subjective, and tough, and just plain hard to break into. But I think I've found at least ONE thing that makes me want to keep writing...

See, on the way home from our family reunion yesterday, Turner and I started listening to an audio book called Enchantment by Orson Scott Card (click the title to see the Goodreads page).

During the first chapter alone, I stopped the audio book three times (I think, maybe more) to be amazed at how perfect, concise, and beautiful the writing was! There were two moments I remember particularly that made me smile from ear to ear. They were phrases I'd never heard anywhere before, and were so precisely placed that I almost squealed in delight!

As one who's edited a lot for others, not to mention myself, it was a lesson to me. Orson Scott Card is a Professional Author. That's what he DOES! Of course crap is gonna hit the shelves every year, because some people aren't smart enough to follow a writer like this. And sometimes, even a mediocre novel will get international attention and be made into film and get a crazy fan base and form a huge franchise...

But among all the good the bad and the ugly, you can find gems. Enchantment is one of those. I know I'm not a professional author, I'm just an aspiring writer. I write what I feel, and hope someone likes it. I hope to someday write something that creates such joy in a reader as this is for me. I'm only in chapter two, and I can't wait to read more!

Keep writing.


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